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In the last ten years sex toys have become awesome.

We’ve seen companies like Pipedream Products, LELO and Penthouse Publishing start to make some amazing adult toys, and we’ve witnessed the stigma of buying luxury sex toys wane, and then disappear completely.

This has created a revolution in the adult toy industry with the ultimate victors being the people buying and using these amazing playthings.

We’ve been selling sex toys at our midwest-based, brick and mortar stores for over a decade and are excited about this resurgence in the adult toy market.

Sex Doll Planet is our next-generation sex toy store made with our good friends at Rabbit Rabbit Publishing. We love these toys and think many others would love them as well. They are all hand picked. At Sex Doll Planet, we have chosen to advocate for quality over quantity.

Shopping at Sex Doll Planet

We want to provide a fun online shopping experience in a discreet and safe online store. Your wellness & happiness is our success!

The information we give about the sex toys on our site is current and the images and videos are there to make you secure in your buying decisions. We want you to LOVE your sex toys. We take pride in the idea that we are helping make people feel better and have lots of fun.

We ship every package discreetly so that you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors.  We also try and ship them quickly, within the next business day. When you order a toy, we know you want it NOW and we try to accommodate that.

Additionally, we believe in (and support!) internet security and privacy VERY MUCH and do not sell ANY information to ANYONE for ANY reason.

The sex toys we sell at Sex Doll Planet are cutting edge. They feel amazing and will change the way you think about masturbation. These toys are an amazing way to take your sex play to the next level. 🙂 We’ve worked hard to make browsing and buying these toys a great and fun experience. If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please contact us anytime.

Happy Playing!

– Sex Doll Planet

Ps. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at or use the contact form for our Traverse City, Laughing Buddha location (ask for Brad!) –  Or visit us at any of our Fantasies Unlimited locations.

Our Brick and Morter Adult Store in Traverse City, Michigan
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