Artificial Vaginas & Strokers

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Formerly and oft referred to as ‘pocket pussies’ these toys lingo may have changed, we now call them ‘artificial vaginas’, but their carnal delights remain strong despite a more serious tone to their name.

The recent shift to the more refined nomenclature is indicative of the shift in the recent quality of the most classic of classic sex toys and only serves to fulfill your needs better than ever.

The Best Artificial Vaginas

With new materials like Cyberskin, SexFlesh, FantaFlesh and UR3 these real flesh replicating materials have allowed sex toy makers to not only make some of the most hyper-realistic sex toys the world has ever seen, but to actually mold sex toys directly from the private parts of our favorite adult movie stars!

Ever wanted to know what it was like to slip in to a wet Heather Vandeven’s soft lady parts or be devoured by a deep throat queen like Sasha Grey? Well instead of pining away at your television you can bring these lust filled ladies home to you without the fear of competition or whether or not you’ve had a shower today. Believe me, it’s nice to have fewer worries and we offer you the most worry, stress and drama free rolls in the hay you could ever hope to have!

From ultra-pocket sized pals that can be stashed just about anywhere with no one else the wiser or more life sized “pocket” lady parts with a bit more thickness and loving surface area to delve into the bases of you own home game are fully loaded with wonderful women in all shapes and colors, hand painted and impeccably detailed with love and care to ensure your enjoyment and immersion into this fantastic and ever expanding land of perfectly designed for your pleasure only “artificial vaginas”.

We carry the best the market has to offer and we bring it all to you in a discreetly boxed and shipped package right to your door, direct from our place to yours. There’s no worry that someone will see because no one will know or could begin to tell what’s in store for you within your little box of treasures. Your secrets remain secret for as long as you shop with us, guaranteed.