Celebrity Sex Dolls & Sex Toys

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People love objectifying celebrities and so it comes as no wonder that there are a lot of celebrity sex dolls and toys.  It’s a way for people to experience their deepest celebrity desires and their fantasies to the next level.    Below you’ll find a number of celebrity sex dolls as well as two collections of adult porn star sex toy molds.

These novelty celebrity sex dolls also make great bachelor party gifts.



Fleshlight Girls

Premier men’s sex toy maker, Fleshlight, has it’s own collection of sex toys made after adult porn stars. The collection is called Fleshlight Girls. They are pretty stunning sex toys.

Hustler Adult Star Celebrity Sex Toys

These Hustler sex toys are molded after your favorite adult star. You can use the toy and watch your favorite stars video at the same time for a truly multi-media, multi-sensory masturbatory experience!

Penthouse Pet Celebrity Sex Toys

Topco sex toys has partnered with Penthouse to bring some killer celebrity sex toys to the market. They offer a couple collections of Penthouse Pet pussy molds. You can see a bunch of them below. These are made of Cyberskin – our favorite sex toy material. And they feel amazing. These are some great sex toys.