12" Dong by Basix Rubber Works


12" Dong by Basix Rubber Works

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Sex Toy Description

Basix Rubber Works 12” Inch Dong in is a phthalate and latex free rubber dildo that has a more pronounced head and base of the shaft, giving more pleasure than a more subtly designed piece. The rubber material is hypoallergenic and is proudly made in the United States. It has a smooth, inviting texture that slicks up incredibly well and maintains that slippery slope with often little or no need to reapply lube. It’s designed to be a crazy fun ride and boy does it deliver in droves. Once you try it you’ll just what we’re talking about.

Water based personal lubricants are best for this toy. When play time is over simply use warm water and a nonabrasive soap or sex to cleaner to eliminate bacterial, germs and any dust or dirt that may have stuck to it due to the lubrication.

Be sure to store this toy only after it has been thoroughly dried. Patting it to dry or air drying it is safest. Do not use a blow drier as it will warp the material. It is recommended that you store the toy in a bag or pillowcase to prevent marring and scratches to the toy’s soft surface. Keep this toy away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight.

The Basix Rubber Works 12” Inch Dong will arrive to your door in discreet packaging and through private shipping methods to ensure that you are the only one privy to what remains hidden inside.

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