10” Inch Suction Cup Dong by Basix Rubber Works



10” Inch Suction Cup Dong by Basix Rubber Works

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Sex Toy Description

The 10” Inch Suction Cup Dong from Basix is an impressive and impressively detailed ram rod of well over average proportions. If you’re looking to reach beyond the limits imposed by beginner and average toys then look no further than this transparent pleasure pole with a strap-on compatible suction cup that also attached to other smooth surfaces around the homes. It has an 8” inch insertable length and a 2” inch diameter and the attention to detail is just astounding.

This toy is made from latex and phthalate free rubber that’s medical grade and silky smooth when lubed up. Molded from the loins of a real person it has the look of realism blended with the tones of fantasy. Impressive in size, appearance and sensation this is one suction cup based dong that you can expect to find in your stash of personal favorites within moments of your first use. All materials and construction of this toy were carried out within the United States.

Purposefully designed to remain slicker longer than other materials while still being hypoallergenic and gentle to your skin, this dildo from Pipedream Products is a steamy dream come true.

This toy should be used with water based personal lubrications only. It cannot be sterilized and must therefore never be shared, that includes going from the backdoor to the front door if you catch my drift. If that’s what you want to do then be sure to put a condom on the toy for one of those doors. Going from the front to back is okay, but from the back to the front can cause a serious infection. Play it safe and smart.

Be sure to store this toy in some sort of protective casing like a small bag or pillowcase. This prevents unnecessary damage to the toy and helps it last all the longer. Also, do not store this toy in direct sunlight or any other sources of relatively high heat output like a stove or against a heating element or sometimes even a computer tower can get too warm so be aware.

We package all the items we ship discreetly and use private shipping methods to ensure that your privacy is always protected.

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