26" Big Babe Bella Your Hot Chubby Lover


26" Big Babe Bella Your Hot Chubby Lover

Sex Toy Description

Hot mini BBW sex doll. At 26″ this pint size sex doll is a great fit for your suit case of the bachelor party. It’s a sex doll of an oversized woman. If you like them fat, this is one to check out. She has two openings – mouth and vagina – both ready for thrusting. She is quite a fun sex doll, and one of our favorite in Golden Triangle’s line of inexpensive blow up dolls.

It’s a classic blow-up design with actual vaginal and anal openings you can thrust into. It’s advertised as the smallest blow up sex doll with a “love passage” – as you’ll see in the manufacturers description below.

“This petite chubby can’t wait to meet the chubby in your pants! Big Babe Bella measures 26″ in height. She is possibly the world’s smallest inflatable doll with love passage. This hot chubby lover has 2 welcoming entries for supreme orgasms so choose her vagina or her mouth and get down to business. Some mini-lovin’ coming your way!”

This little sex doll is a great little toy if you’re looking for something simple, fun and cheap – and it’s a classic.

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