Mistress Jasmine Stroker

Mistress Jasmine is a BioSkin TPR fake pussy stroker for men. Takes masturbation to the next level with a deep, double-textured vaginal tunnel and stimulating ribs and nubs for extra intense stroking action. Hot stuff here, lads!


Mistress Jasmine Stroker

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Sex Toy Description

Here we have a handy dandy little pocket pal that’s sleek and simple but still packs a wallop of sensation. This is the Curve Novelties Mistress Jasmine stroker. It is internally doubly textured with ribbing and nubs to simulate the insides of a real woman and more with a bit better sensation in an easy to grip, simple to clean and ultra-portable little package.

Made from the flesh replicating substance known as Bio-Skin, the Mistress Stroker is on the cutting edge of skin mimicking substances and boasts enough detail to boggle the mind. The toy has been carefully hand painted, exhibiting a level of detail often not seen in hand held strokers of this nature.

Due to the nature of this material it is important to note that only water based lubrication can be used as all other lubes will damage the material. Additionally, this toy must be cleaned with a nonabrasive soap or toy specific cleanser. Rough and harsh cleansers can indeed damage the tissue and prevent its’ proper cleaning. All that is needed a little mild soap and some warm water and you’re golden! It’s a very streamlined and simple process; you’ll not find an easier toy of this kind to clean.

It is important to keep this toy in a cool and dry location when not in use. To reawaken the fresh out of the box sensations then you may use corn starch or an equivalent renewing powder to dust off the outside. This not only returns the silken feeling back in to the skin but it also removes any tiny dust or dirt particles, making the toy cleaner than ever!

Please dry the toy thoroughly, inside and out, before storing it to prevent mold and mildew growth. Air dry or pat the toy with a towel to dry, do not use heat or it could easily melt. This toy is porous and cannot be sterilized. Please do not share this toy with anyone.

The Curve Novelties Mistress Jasmine Stroker is packaged and shipped in a private and discreet manner.

Curve Novelties Mistress Jasmine Stroker Features

  • Double textured with ribs and nubs for extra intense pleasure
  • Soft and stretchy with hand-painted lips for a real life look and feel
  • Comfort grip exterior with narrow inner tunnel for a tight sensation
  • Open-ended design makes clean up a breeze
  • Use only with water- or silicone-based lubricant
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Brand: Curve Novelties
  • Erogenous Zone: Penis
  • Function: Stroking
  • Material: Bioskin TPR
  • Shape: Double Ended, Realistic
  • User: Men


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