F#ck-A-Duck Sex Doll


F#ck-A-Duck Sex Doll

Sex Toy Description

The zoophilia sex doll? A furry sex doll? The ultimate bath time toy? No matter how you look at it, the Fuck-A-Duck Sex Doll – an animal sex doll in the form of a duck! – from Pipedream Products is A LOT of fun either in the bath tub, in the bed, or at the bachelor party. It makes a great gift to an unsuspecting “friend” or for yourself.

There is a hole to thrust in – which is nice in a blow up sex doll. It’s 14″ tall and weight about a quarter pound, so it’s about the size of real duck. It looks like a bath tub rubber duck. . .as you can see in the photos. It’s waterproof, and is a lot of fun to play with. We like this little toy a lot!

It’s the perfect sex toy for the right person. . .wink, wink. Here’s the description of this animal sex doll from Pipedream Products – the manufacturer.

“Pipedream F#CK-A-DUCK. The world’s naughtiest inflatable bath toy! Give “fowl play” a whole new meaning! This ain’t the same rubber ducky you grew up with. This dirty duckling likes to get wet and wild and have its feathers ruffled! Just add air and this fowl mouthed friend is all yours to enjoy!”

If you’re into animals, this animal sex doll is a nice and legal way to live out your fantasy. The thrusting hole feels nice and while not entirely, um, “realistic”, it does make for an interesting experience – one you might grow to enjoy!

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