Fifty Shades Cherished Riding Crop


Fifty Shades Cherished Riding Crop

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Sex Toy Description

NEW! Discipline is an important part of BDSM, and few things instill discipline like a riding crop. This instrument looks fierce, sounds brutal when it strikes, and can deliver a swift sting. For those who are into impact play, the riding crop is a wonderful way to deliver pleasure and pain.

The Fifty Shades Cherished Collection Riding Crop is a beautiful example of a wonderful tool. The handsome black shaft of this crop acts as an extension of your wrist, allowing you to deliver sharp blows that ring in your partner’s ears strike after strike

Sex Toy Riding Crop Use

A riding crop is a finesse instrument. While the popper can deliver a delicious sting, the strength of the device is in the terror that the sound can instill in your partner. The popper is designed to deliver a sharp, loud snap upon impact that can make impact seem harder than it really is. This makes the tool wonderful for not just physical play, but mental as well.

When striking with the crop, use only the popper for impact. Do not strike with the shaft. While you may be tempted to use it as a cane, a riding crop is not designed to function that way. You can break the shaft by striking with it, which could potentially injure your partner.

To apply a strike, treat the crop as an extension of your hand. You strike in a flick motion, bringing your wrist back, and quickly forward, parallel with your arm. You can do swift, hard strikes or slow, soft ones to tease your partner. As you strike over the same area, it will become tender, increasing the pain received. Be careful not to strike too much, so that you avoid potential injuries.

Sex Toy Crops – Strike from the Wrist

  • Striking from the elbow or the shoulder can put too much stress on the shaft, leading to breakage and possible injury.
  • The more forceful strike can injure your partner.
  • The crop is a finesse tool. If you strike with your wrist, you can control throughout the swing where the popper will land. If you strike from the elbow or shoulder, you lose some of that control and risk hitting your partner with the shaft or missing your intended target area.

Sex Toy Riding Crop Safety

Before you enact your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy with your partner, remember first that you should play safe, sane, and consensual.

Safe – Only strike areas that are safe. The best areas are the green areas: front and back of the upper thighs, buttocks, and forearms. Other areas can be struck with caution and are the yellow areas: the back over the shoulder blades, upper arms, breasts, inner thighs, calves, and genitals. You should always avoid direct contact with the red areas: the belly, lower torso (especially the kidneys), neck, face, and spine.

Sane – It is important to discuss any fantasy with your partner before enacting it. Ensure that both of you are comfortable. Check in with your partner throughout play to ensure that he or she is enjoying what is taking place. Pause if you need to. Once play is finish, the recipient of impact play will need aftercare. No matter how much he or she enjoys being struck, you should help your partner come down from play. This can include cuddling and loving words. This should also include gently rubbing impact areas. If you notice redness, apply a small amount of ointment to help soothe the skin. If no redness persists after play, then a soft lotion is often pleasant to apply to the skin and helps keep it soft for future play.

Consensual – When discussing your fantasy with your partner, discuss what both of you want to do. Discuss your limits and come to agreement with what will happen during your scene. Choose a safe word or if you plan to gag your partner, have a safe signal that you will not miss. Dropping keys or squeezing a noisemaker is a good example. A safe word should be a simple, clear word that would not come up during the course of your scene. The color “red” is a good example, since it is easy to say and remember, and not commonly spoken outside of specific contexts.

When playing, stay within your partner’s limits. Respect and trust are key to BDSM play. If your partner uses his or her safe word, stop play immediately. Address what is wrong and if necessary, end the scene. Never chide your partner or do anything to indicate that he or she disappointed you when using the safe word. Using the safe word is a sign of trust. It means your partner believes you will respect him or her. Do nothing to harm that trust.

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