Fifty Shades Cherished Collection Suede Flogger


Fifty Shades Cherished Collection Suede Flogger

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Sex Toy Description

This is a full-size handcrafted flogger with long, supple suede fronds for exciting bondage play. It’s part of the Fifty Shades ‘Cherished’ collection. This means it’s going to be luxurious and make a great gift for partners interested in bondage play.

It also has an extra-long handle gives the dominant partner full reach and control.

Rose-gold metal handle with ornate styling to echo Fifty Shades Freed book cover key and are a signature of the Cherished collection. Like all the toys in the collection, it is supplied in a luxurious envelope-style velveteen bag and has an embossed leather collection tag with the Fifty Shades logo on it.

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