Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Universal Restraint Kit


Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Universal Restraint Kit

Sex Toy Description

Transform your bed into a bondage playground and enjoy the fettered throes of lust in soft satin. Ideal for beginners, this bedroom bondage set can be used to create a full body restraint that’s quick and easy to secure. “Collapsing on top of me, I feel his full weight forcing me into the mattress. I pull my tied hands over his neck and hold him the best I can. I know in that moment that I would do anything for this man. I am his.” – Anastasia Steele.

Sometimes when you are planning a Fifty Shades of Grey fantasy, you do not want to bind yourself to the bedroom. After all, you have a whole host of rooms available to you – the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room. Why keep everything in one place?

The Fifty Shades of Grey Bondage and Blindfold Handcuff Restraints & Love Mask Kit gives you the versatility you need to take your kink on the go. The cuffs are a beautiful silver satin with velvet lining. They bond with Velcro, so your partner is secure, but you can release her quickly and easily. Each cuff connects to a versatile D-ring strap that can be affixed to anything – a chair, table, or yes, the bed. The kit also includes a soft, satin mask to help your partner focus only on the sensations that you provide.

Handcuff Play

Once you have your partner securely in the cuffs, lead him or her around the house by the straps, holding onto the securing bar. When you find a place where you want to restrain your partner, affix the straps and enjoy. Take advantage of your partner’s bondage to enjoy sensual activities or tease. A tickling feather is always a pleasant treat for a bound partner, who is unable to wriggle away from the sensation.

Handcuff Safety

Safety is always important in bondage play.

  • Never tighten the cuffs too tightly. You should be able to slip a finger beneath the straps once they are fastened.
  • Watch for discoloration and have your partner warn you if he or she feels any coolness or tingling.
  • Do not allow your partner to walk around blindfolded. He or she could trip, leading to injury.
  • Have a safe word, and respect the safe word if your partner uses it. Address the situation immediately and either resume or end play as needed.
  • Talk to your partner. Discuss the activity, set limits, and respect them.
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