Fleshjack Go - Men's Sex Toy Gift Set


Fleshjack Go - Men's Sex Toy Gift Set

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Sex Toy Description

Fleshjack GO is the point guard of the Fleshjack all-star team.

This compact men’s sex toy is lighter, shorter and more discreet than the original Fleshlight, making it easier than ever to use anywhere, anytime and with a single hand. This is our choice for the best Fleshlights.

The Fleshjack GO value pack is the full Fleshjack experience all in one box. Everything you need to enjoy and care for your Fleshjack GO toy is sold as one unit.

The Fleshjack Go Sex Toy Gift Set Includes: Fleshjack GO Surge: A pink sleeve featuring the Butt orifice, encased in a black canister, Fleshlube Water 4 oz, and Fleshwash Cleaner 4 oz.

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