Judy - Female Sex Doll


Judy - Female Sex Doll

Sex Toy Description

Classic female sex doll from Pipedream Products.  This is a classic sex doll that’s perfect for solo romps, bachelor parties, fun in pools, and more.

This is a gag sex doll with no holes to thrust into.  If you want a doll to have sex with, you can find plenty on our site, but this is not it.  That’s not to say she isn’t fun in the sack.  She might be just the perfect toy for the right person with the right fetish.  She simply doesn’t haven’t any holes to thrust into.

The Judy sex doll is made of vinyl and has no moveable parts.   She IS life size.  Here’s the pun-tastic description from Pipedream Products:

“Meet Judy, the party girl who’s always ready to blow. This adorable airhead never says no to a good time-just blow her up and she’s yours to enjoy! Judy’s perfect for bachelor parties, birthday parties, group sessions, and riding shotgun in the carpool lane. Take her with you wherever you go – Judy loves to be the life of the party!”

Great in the bed, great at the party – this vinyl sex doll is the perfect toy for the right situation.   We recommend in the passenger seat when you cruise through the drive through, or at one of the wilder bachelor parties.


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