Lifelike Male Sex Doll - Justin

$99.95 $79.95

Lifelike Male Sex Doll - Justin

Sex Toy Description

Fuck Friends Love Doll with Cock – Justin

We’re not saying this male sex doll is made to look like Justin the famous pop-star, but the smooth face and high cheeks do suggest THAT Justin.   Regardless of whether you are looking for a sex doll modeled after a pop star, or just want a male (gay?) doll to play with – this is a nice mid-priced toy to check out.

Justin’s sexy face with realistic eyes, along with a soft willing mouth, is made from a firm, flexible jelly rubber that’s perfect for rimming and other penetrative play.

His dildo style hard cock is made from an ultra-realistic material – and it vibrates! It measures 7′ in length and 5.25 inches in girth.

He has an anal tunnel you can thrust into that is 6.5 inches deep with a realistic contoured shaped.  He also has realistic feet and hands that are nice because they can wrap around you.  All these elements give you a more realistic experience than a simple vinyl or PVC sex doll.

The Justin Sex Doll comes with a USB warming stick, a repair kit and a small air pump.

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