Luna Beads Mini from LELO



Luna Beads Mini from LELO
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Current Date: February 23, 2018

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So many of us have heard of the benefit of using benwa balls to help achieve more intense and fulfilling orgasms but they often seem to be lacking some dynamic that would allow the process of attaining greater elasticity to be a little more, fun, sexy, playful, something to help the task seem more like fun and less like a job.

Well LELO has decided to up the ante and bring you the LUNA Beads, gentle and stealthily vibrating vaginal beads that are both attractive, highly functional and an absolute treat to use.

They require no batteries but instead hide little additional balls inside of the main beads that jiggle and wiggle every time you move and give off a most pleasant vibration that’s utterly soundless once the beads are in place!

The LUNA Beads come in two colors, both blue and pink. In addition these beads come in two different sizes, Classic and Mini LUNA Beads. Each package comes with four beads connected in sets of two so you always have a spare!

These beads are medical grade, phthalate free, platinum silicone and also feature a silicone string so that there’s no need to stress over sanitation and they come with a little black, satin stash bag to keep them clean and hidden from view.

LUNA Beads from LELO are packaged and shipped to ensure your privacy.

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Weight .5 lbs