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Mona Wave from LELO



Mona Wave from LELO

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Sex Toy Description

I am a firm believer that anything pronounced with a moan ought to be good and for this world class personal massager it really stands true. The massager I am referencing is none other than the MONA Wave by LELO.

This is THE world’s best G-spot vibrator says just about any poll you can find on the subject, whether they are customer, anonymous or company driven polls, the favorite has remained the same and the MONA Wave consistently makes it to the top of the list.

This is the only brand that has this unique, upward curling motion meant to stimulate the way the curling of one’s fingers would as they gently work the soft padding of your G-spot and with the addition of a powerful motor to produce the most intense and tantalizing vibrations you’re likely to find in a handheld toy of this type.

The entire massager is coated in silky smooth silicone, platinum, medical grade, 100% body safe and hypoallergenic silicone at that! And the controls are handled on one simple button, no fuss, no confusion, no wondering if you hit the right one, it couldn’t be easier to use. It is also a wireless device and comes with a removable recharge cable and a little black bag to hide your fun little secret.

MONA Wave comes in two colors; midnight blue, and deep rose.

This item is packaged and shipped in a private and discreet manner. Because it’s none of their business, that’s why!

LELO Mona Wave Video

Here’s a great video directly from LELO to show off the Ina and Mona Wave Vibrators. Enjoy!

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