Pipedream Extreme Junk In Tha Trunk


Pipedream Extreme Junk In Tha Trunk

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Sex Toy Description

Ebony and ethnic sex dolls are slowly becoming more and more mainstream. One of the best currently available is this Pipedream Extreme Junk In Tha Trunk. If you’re into a thick booty, this is a great luxury sex doll made by Pipdedream Extreme – one of the world’s best sex doll manufacturers.

The Junk in Tha Trunk sex doll as two holes – anus and vagina. Both are ribbed and feel amazing.

The great thing about a toy like this, as opposed to a traditional pocket pussy, is that when you thrust into it you can feel the chunk ass slap into your thighs. It adds a dimension to your sex play and feels great.

The Junk in the Trunk Ass is made of Pipedream’s patented Fanta Flesh material. It’s got a heavy core with a softer, life-like outer shell that feels life like and amazing when wet or lube up.

It also comes with a vibrating bullet you can insert into the tunnel you’re not thrusting into. This sends the whole toy vibrating – which is yet another dimension to this luxury sex doll.

If you want a high end ebony sex doll, but don’t want to pay the high prices of larger, fully body dolls, this is an amazing sex toy to and should help satisfy your fantasies.

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