Swiss Navy Water Based Lube



Swiss Navy Water Based Lube

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Sex Toy Description

One of our favorite water based lubes. As the name implies, Swiss Navy Water Based Lube is pointed toward the gay male community. But if we’ve said anything about gay men that like sex toys, they usually know their stuff. When we recommend sex toys to men, more often than not, they are gay male oriented sex toys.

This lube then, is amazing. We love it. Select your size and load it up!

Water based lube is sex toy compatible. We sell 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz sizes. Our 16 oz size is currently sold out and on back order. Pictured here is our 8 oz. size.

Please note: the weight, size and SKU or the lube is dependent on which size variation you choose, so be sure to double-check you cart when you check out!

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