Water-Based Sexual Lubricants (Safe Lube!)

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Water-based Sexual Lubricants (Safe Lube!)

Water-based sex lubes - Safe Lubes!This is the go to page for your water based lubricants; these are the must haves of the lube world, especially if you ever use sex toys in any fashion or of any type. Water based personal lubricants are incredibly diverse as they can be used with anything and by anyone.

There are no special precautions to take, no need to worry yourself over switching lubricants when you switch toy types or whether you’re playing in the front or headed for the back door, it’s all good with these lubes.

These lubricants can be used with any material and wash off easily with just a bit of water so you never need worry about getting a good scrub going to remove it like oil and silicon based lubes or suffering with remaining slick for several hours after play time. Water based lubes wash off quick and clean and they will never degrade the materials of flesh mimicking toys.

Each lubricant on this page is an all-around fan favorite and best seller in the adult industry across any website where they are sold and they are all made from high quality, body safe ingredients. In some cases these lubes even bear a pleasant taste or a wonderful warming sensation to add a little sweetness or some extra heat to accompany your pleasurable encounter, whether solo or with a partner or partners (safely we hope)!

There is even an all-natural option for the ultimate in hypoallergenic personal lubrication.

As the industry produces more impressive water based lubes you’re sure to find them here. These are the go-to lubes for any and all sexual encounters so be sure that you’ve got a little water based lube handy as any sexy occasion is sure to benefit from its appearance at your own private party while your sex toys will thank you with extended loving lifetimes from water based lube use.

This lube is a must have so get stocked up today with all that you will need to get the slickness going and keep the heat in the moment!